Thursday, June 17, 2004


Due to a FNAC photo contest Safari fotográfico en la ciudad (Photo safari in the city), this week I've been working in an old photo taken the last summer inside the restaurant that Cálem (a producer of Porto wines) has on the waterfront at Vila Nova de Gaia.

The photo shows a reflection of Porto riverside in the window of the restaurant. The white outline that can be seen over the reflection is the Port House of Cálem.

Image levels and contrast has been adjusted to slightly increase the reflection effect.

This photo makes me remember the good food and wine that this city can offer ...

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A similar shot can bee seen here.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Durability of digital cameras ...

Today a luckless friend of mine, while carrying in a bag his brand new camera, a Sony DSC-W1, has suffering an unlucky accident.

One of the zippers was opened and the camera drops off to the floor, only 40cm of free fall -really not much for the stylized shining aluminium body-, but a complete disarter ...

"High-end optics combine with everyday ease of use in the DSC-W1 Cyber-shot® ..." as Sony says

This makes me think ... in my humble opinion a 450€ everyday camera must be harder than this; little accidents don't need to be a complete ruine for this state of the art gadgets. The manufactures need to think in more than in sell a different model of camera each month ...

PHE04 - Historias

From June to July Madrid becomes the capitial of photography. The 7th edition of PHotoEspaƱa floods the city -museums, institutions, galleries, public squares and outmoded factories- with the work of 170 photographers in 51 expositions including one (for first time) in the Prado museum.

The most important exposition in the official section, perhaps it's "Variations on Spain" -a synthesis of the history of photography in Spain, covering a period between the beginning of the 20th century and the years of transition to democracy (the end of the seventies)- with images from Spanish and visiting artist.

In you live in Madrid, don't doubt! take a look at the expositions; and if you don't live here/there now, you have a good reason to visit it ...

Monday, June 07, 2004

slightly out of focus

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the one of the most sadly days in the human history the "D-day". At 6:31 a.m. on June 6, 1944, an assault barge landed a rifle company of the 16th Regiment, 1st Infantry Division on Omaha Beach. Along with them also landed a diferent kind of soldier, with a Leica as only weapon, his name "Robert Capa". Under the heavy and violent german fire he was able to shot four rools of film (106 pictures).

After this manifestation of courage, almost all photos were lost -all but eleven frames were spoiled by a eager 'technician' in Life's darkroom. The rest of the photos were published under the title "slightly out of focus" thanks to the blurred emulsion.

This is one of the most amazing histories of this photographer-writer that tired of so many many wars and so many many deaths wrote:
To me war is like an aging actress -more and more dangerous and less and less photogenic.

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